Beautiful Behind-the-Scenes Photos from 20 Art House Films


We make no secret about our fascination with behind-the-scenes photos and footage from our favorite films. From horror movies, to classic cinema, and all the snapshots that messed with our minds, these revealing photographs offer fans insight to the creative process behind beloved movies. After spotting a collection of photos from Robert Altman’s surreal dream study 3 Women on Kino Images, we went searching for more beautiful shots from art house films. Most of these stills could be artworks themselves, and several provide a humorous respite from an otherwise serious subject. Click on for more beautiful, fascinating photos.


3 Women

Director Robert Altman dressed in his finest, with a view of the memorable mural painted by artist Bodhi Wind.



CUT TO brilliantly clear sky. From on high an odd bird-like figure swoops down on the CAMERA. As it comes closer we can see that it is, in fact, a MAN wearing strange wood and metal bird wings. In the bright sunshine their flapping movements create a brilliant, flashing effect. Along with the wings, SAM LOWRY (for this is he) wears an outfit that combines the best of Flash Gordon and a WWI fighter pilot. He sweeps past the CAMERA and then, banking, rises BACK INTO SHOT IN MEDIUM CLOSEUP. An ethereal voice can be heard calling ‘Sam… Sam… Sam.'”


The Seventh Seal

Bengt Ekerot as Death in repose.


The 39 Steps

A picturesque shot from Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 romantic thriller.



A rare look behind the scenes of F. W. Murnau’s final German film.



Yeah, it’s not creepy at all to have Lars von Trier in bed with you while you try to act out a passionate sex scene.


Seven Samurai

Even samurai sometimes need a smoke break.

Photo credit: André Dino

The 400 Blows

Photographer André Dino documented iconic French New Wave films during the 1950s and ‘60s, like this final scene in François Truffaut’s 1959 classic.



A gorgeous, ghostly image from Jean Vigo’s 1934 movie. He went back and forth from shooting on location and on set. Vigo preferred to shoot at night along the Ourcq canal because he liked the glow of the artificial lights.



One of the most memorable frames from Jean Cocteau’s career in cinema.



Robot thirsty.


La Dolce Vita

Actress Anita Ekberg probably preparing to take a dip in the Trevi Fountain and break some hearts.


Eyes Without a Face

Director Georges Franju and patient.



To simplify the shoot, director Jean-Luc Godard and cinematographer Raoul Coutard rented a wheelchair instead of a dolly.


The Mirror

Andrei Tarkovsky directs a floating Margarita Terekhova.


The Milky Way

Luis Buñuel with Edith Scob as the Virgin Mary.

The Street of Crocodiles [via]

Stephen and Timothy Quay shooting one of their amazing sets for their Bruno Schultz inspired film in 1985.



An emotional flurry of action on set with Wim Wenders.



La strada

Cirque du Federico Fellini.

Peeping Tom

Director Michael Powell with Pamela Green, who played model Milly.