Lorne Michaels Fires Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson From SNL


Vulture reports that Lorne Michaels has decided to fire both Michaela Watkins and Casey Wilson from the cast of Saturday Day Night Live just in time for the holiday weekend. (This is in the wake of the news that two new women would be joining this season’s cast.) Does that make him the worst boss ever? We could kind of care less about Wilson (she was like a boring brunette version of Bonnie Hunt), but we have to agree with Mark Graham — the thought of no more snarky reviews from Angie Tempura of bitchpleeze.com is hard to swallow. One of Tempura’s final appearances on Weekend Update after the jump. Enjoy with an iced coffee, if you’ve got one handy.

Do you think the fact that newcomer Abby Elliott was grandfathered in kept her safe? Or perhaps Michaels finds her as easy to forget as we do. Either way, since Poehler left, the only lady we really care about on SNL is Gilly. She’s nominated for an Emmy, you know.