Geeky Ways to Propose: 15 Creative Pop Culture-Themed Rings and Boxes


By now, photos of a Dungeons and Dragons-themed engagement ring (as well as a video of the actual proposal) have gone viral and drawn many admirers of the 20-sided die reference (the woman behind the magic says she “[feels] like [she] rolled a natural 20 when [she] started dating her.”) In fact, there are plenty of pop culture-themed wedding rings and boxes out there, with many betrothed couples sealing their betrothal with keepsakes of the fandom that brought them together in the first place. Whether bonding over a shared love of Ocarina of Time or finishing each other’s Star Wars-quoting sentences, there is something below for everyone (or, at least, every nerd).

Star Wars Han/Leia Quote Wedding Bands

Harrison Ford famously fought George Lucas to keep this iconic (and very true-to-character) exchange in the film. What Star Wars-loving couple wouldn’t want to wear that dialogue indefinitely as evidence of their commitment?

Playstation Engagement Ring

The woman who shared the above design grew up playing Playstation and loves gaming with her awesome fiancé, who proposed to her on her 22nd birthday with this custom-made ring modeled after a controller. Read the adorable story here!

Shelly’s Ring from The Crow

Spoiler: Shelly dies pretty early on in the movie, prompting Eric Draven’s reincarnation and vengeful escapade. Let’s just say that anyone lamenting losing you by smearing on KISS makeup and listening to The Cure as he pregames for a bloodbath in your name is probably worth marrying.

Legend of Zelda Wedding Bands

Transylvanian/Canadian jeweler Zsolt Székely has probably made a fortune from these Zelda bands, which have the quote “it’s dangerous to go alone” engraved on the inside. And the Triforce, which represents power, wisdom and courage, is a perfect symbol for a lasting union.

Doctor Who TARDIS Bands

It’s no surprise that the TARDIS from Doctor Who inspired a set of sapphire rings — not only are the franchise’s fans famously obsessive, but the time machine is actually an aesthetically pleasing piece of architecture, and these geometric bands are able to reference it without looking too over-the-top.

Star Trek Insignia Engagement Ring

Because who wouldn’t want their marriage to last as long as this never-ending franchise?

The Hunger Games Wedding Bands

Many believe that this series’ themes have less to do with romance than with Katniss’s personal growth. But for fans of her relationship with Peeta, these bands, which have the last exchange between the two characters inscribed on them, may just put the odds of staying together “ever in your favor.”

LEGO Wedding Band

Just because you’re tying the knot doesn’t mean you have to sever fond memories of your youth. In fact, this LEGO wedding band (which can actually interlock with real LEGO pieces) forms a lovely connection between a childhood staple and the ultimate symbol of growing up.

Superman Ring

Be it an engagement ring or wedding band, this subtle tribute to the world’s most famous superhero will have you feeling so weak in the knees, you could swear you just walked by some kryptonite.

Indiana Jones Ring and Box

Here’s another awesome guy who designed an engagement ring for his girlfriend, this time fashioned to look like Indiana Jones’s whip. He also put in a yellow diamond, because yellow is her favorite color, and presented the whole thing to her via a bag of sand in a 1920s steel soap box. Uh, yes please.

Super Mario Bros. Engagement Ring Box

Who didn’t love jumping up and punching those mystery boxes that would bring Mario coins and super mushrooms? This one guarantees an even bigger surprise.

Pokémon Poké-ball Engagement Ring Box

Looks like the phrase “I choose you” wasn’t just limited to Pikachu! This marriage proposal, inspired by one of the most ubiquitous pop culture phenomenons of the ’90s, couldn’t be more charming.

Sherlock Holmes/England Engagement Ring Box

With the words “I Am Sherlocked” painted on a Union Jack box, this English-themed proposal scheme is perfect for that Anglophile in your life.

Wall-E Engagement Ring Box

If you want your potential fiancé to be in an especially romantic mood for the proposal, you should probably present this box just after (re)watching the movie.

Harry Potter Book Engagement Ring Box

Totally DIY and bound to enchant!