Flavorwire’s 50 Best Records You’ve Never Heard: A Spotify Playlist


After we published our epic celebration of musical trainspotterdom last week — namely, our bumper list of “The 50 Best Records You’ve Never Heard” — we had a couple of requests from readers to put together a Spotify playlist of all the music on there. We’re hesitant to support the service because of the shitty royalties its pays musicians, but we figured that since most of this music isn’t exactly selling in huge amounts anyway, it couldn’t hurt — so we’ve plumbed the depths of Spotify’s catalog to put together as comprehensive a playlist as we could. Some of the artists we featured weren’t there, predictably enough, and we’ve had to substitute a few tracks from other albums when we couldn’t find the records we featured, but still, all in all, this is pretty close to what we shared last week — click through and have a listen!