Photos of Famous Authors Performing With Their Bands


This week, while reading an exceptional mini-profile of Sam Lipsyte over at Vulture, we came across a delightful photo of the author performing with his punk band of 20-odd years ago. Inspired, we set to searching out the long-forgotten (or relatively recent) photos of more of our favorite authors and their bands. After the jump, check out our roundup of famous authors rocking out onstage.

Sam Lipsyte performing with Dungbeetle at Amherst College, 1991. [via]

Neal Pollack performing with The Neal Pollack Invasion at the Tritone as part of the 215 Festival in 2003. [via]

Amy Tan and Stephen King performing with The Rock Bottom Remainders. [via]

Photo Credit: Lisa Tanner

Jim Carroll performing with the Jim Carroll Band (and Keith Richards). [via]

Rick Moody performing with The Wingdale Community Singers. [via]

Photo Credit: Luke Connolly

Paul Muldoon performing with Rackett at Donovan’s Pub in upstate New York. [via]

But of course: Patti Smith on stage. [via]

Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket) with The Gothic Archies, 2006. [via]

Bonus! [via]

Jonathan Lethem performing with I’m Not Jim. [via]

Mitch Albom performing with the Rock Bottom Remainders. [via]

Photo Credit: Nick Harman

Bonus: Neil Gaiman with his punk band in 1977. [via]