Awesome Fan-Made ‘Spring Breakers’ Posters


If you’d told us six months ago that we’d be actively looking forward to a Harmony Korine movie starring James Franco, we’d have laughed heartily, pat you on your head, and contemplated hara-kiri. Yet here it is, March 2013, and we genuinely can’t wait to see Spring Breakers, Korine’s sex-and-drugs-and-Disney-girls action/comedy, out next week in limited release (and a week later wide). And we have to admit, part of the pull is the film’s clearly effective marketing campaign, which has given us several frisky trailers and eye-catching posters. But even those aren’t good enough, apparently; Mars, the film’s French distributor, enlisted fans to submit their own posters, and the results (posted at FilmGeek) are clever, sexy, and just plain cool. Check them out after the jump.

[via Next Movie]