Matthew McConaughey Explains What Scorsese, Willie Nelson, and the Dalai Lama Have in Common


AUSTIN, TX: Matthew McConaughey, rom-com heartthrob turned astonishingly good actor, was mostly in somber, Serious Artist mode for his “Conversation with Matthew McConaughey” panel at SXSW Sunday afternoon — which is unfortunate, because in the right setting, he can go charmingly off the wall. But a question from The Village Voice‘s Scott Foundas about his next film, the Martin Scorsese drama The Wolf of Wall Street, did yield one bit of genuinely wacky McConaughey strangeness.

Wolf of Wall Street had a great moment,” McConaughey recalled.

Martin Scorsese wanted to meet me, I’m in New York City, and I was getting driven to his house to meet him. And I’m having this wonderful flashback to 1991, in film school, studying his films, and now I’m not only meeting him, someone’s driving me to go meet him. This is outstanding! One of the things that I was reminded of when I first met him: you know, so many people who are just legendary at the things they do have something in common. For instance, Willie Nelson, Dalai Lama; they all have a great sense of humor. He loves funny! He loves funny!

So there you go: Scorsese, Nelson, Lama — they all love funny.