‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5, Episode 7: “RuPaul Roast”


Roasts always teeter between being hilarious and hurtful, and this week’s RuPaul’s Drag Race challenge brought out some mean streaks. Charged with writing and performing stand-up comedy that poked fun at RuPaul, most of the queens were able to muster up a good jab or two — but there were definitely a few stragglers. After the jump, find out who succeeded in roasting and who got burned to a crisp on last night’s Drag Race.

Brat Who Left the Pack: Alaska

Concerned that her friendship with Detox and Roxxxy is making her blend in instead of stand out, Alaska focused on differentiating herself this week, choosing to open the roast in an attempt to draw extra attention to her talents. It worked, but how will her friends feel about Alaska striking out on her own?

Swank Redemption: Coco Montrese

Coco is one of those people who takes a threat very seriously. So after she almost got sent home last week, she spruced up her act and chose a character-based routine for the roast, pretending to be RuPaul’s outspoken cousin from the projects. The jokes hit home with the judges, and Coco’s quick improvement and overall performance made her this week’s winner.

All Sugar, No Spice: Ivy Winters

Sweet, drama-free Ivy struggled to find something mean to say about RuPaul. While she did eventually pull through, she didn’t go far enough, and ended up boring the audience. Can Ivy add a last-minute kick to her personality and win that crown?

Swearin’ Like a Sailor: Detox

Detox had some good jokes, but she cursed so much that some of the humor was lost. She was sporting a pretty enviable blue hair/thunderbolt earring combo, though!

The High Life From Now On: Jinkx Monsoon

Jinkx Monsoon not only had a fantastic routine, but she finally wore something glamorous enough to the runway and even managed to impress Michelle Visage, making her the current queen to beat.

Cracking Up: Roxxxy Andrews

Roxxxy’s usually one of the cattiest, toughest ladies in the room, but after bombing at the roast and lip-synching for her life last night, she broke down crying and opened up about how she felt unwanted as a child (prompting Ru to cry, too). It was nice to see Roxxxy show her vulnerable side and let the girls support her, instead of competing against her, for a change.

The Only One Laughing: Alyssa Edwards

Oh, girl. Alyssa was clearly nervous about roasting RuPaul in front of a live audience and tried a little too hard. But she killed it on the dance floor, lip-synching for her life with Roxxxy and proving that she may still have enough spirit to make the ultimate comeback. In the end, Ru told Alyssa and Roxxxy that they both displayed the “kind of passion” she was looking for, and neither was eliminated.