What You Need to Know About a Screen Actors Guild Strike


While we’re the first to admit that the idea of a secret meeting in an Italian restaurant between the likes of Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson, Meryl Streep, Nick Nolte, and Annette Bening gives us chills of excitement — it just sounds so dramatic! — the Screen Actors Guild strike that could go down in January does not.

We barely survived the Writers Strike last winter by watching the first seasons of Heroes and Weeds on DVD.

Our first question: What are they thinking in this current economy? Will it kill the Golden Globes (we have disagree with Vulture, the opening number of this awards show is one of the best pieces of entertainment all year)? But most importantly, after the jump, what does a move like this mean for the viewers at home?

1. Most cable scripted shows would not be affected. Breathe easy, Hannah Montana. 2. Reality TV would not be affected — so expect more great ideas like Armed & Famous. 3. Only primetime series on the networks would be affected (with the exception of shows that use AFTRA talent, like 90210 and Gary Unmarried). Daytime soaps and late-night talk shows are safe — but expect fewer guests to show up to chat. 4. You would get to see about 75 percent of the scheduled season for most network series. So you’ll never find out if Blair made it in to Yale. 5. Returning midseason series like 24, Rules of Engagement, and According to Jim — which we didn’t even realize was still on the air — should be fine.