Exclusive: Download “Diamanthunde” From John Vanderslice’s ‘Diamond Dogs’ Covers Album


Last month we published a lengthy interview with John Vanderslice about his David Bowie covers record, wherein he takes on and reinterprets Diamond Dogs in its entirety. He was kind enough to send us a copy of the album, which has been getting a healthy workout on the stereo here at Flavorpill Central ever since. Now, dear readers, you can get in on the action, because we have a track to share with you: “Diamanthunde,” which is Vanderslice’s reworking of the album’s title track. Click through to download it, and also to read JV’s reflections on how he approached re-recording the song. You’re welcome!

John Vanderslice:Diamond Dogs is a beast: it’s the most Bowie of all his records, I think. He plays the most instruments on this record by far. Mick Ronson and the early-’70s supporting players are gone. Bowie takes care of all guitars and plays a LOT of keys and sax. The drugs were epic. I tried to make the album weirder. That was very hard. For ‘Diamanthunde’ I cut lyrics, changed chords, and completely restructured the song. I also brought in Avi from Avi Buffalo to play fragmented guitar.”