The Funniest Comic Book Portrayals of Famous People


These days, it seems like comic books are filled with familiar faces. Sure, there are the superheroes and loners we know and love, but you’ve also got a slew of comic books starring — or just featuring — famous people. And sometimes, they don’t look so good. After the jump, chuckle along with us at ten of the most hilarious comic book renderings of celebrities, from Lindsay Lohan to Alfred Hitchcock.

Diana, Princess of Wales

Princess Diana was set to make a cameo in a 2003 issue of X-Statix as part of a storyline entitled “Di Another Day,” in which her zombie self would join the superhero team. Unsurprisingly, the British Royal Family killed it, and the issue finally ran with a eerily similar brunette in Diana’s place.

Nicki Minaj

Here’s Nicki Minaj losing it in her very own comic book, published by Blue Water Productions as part of their FAME series.

Jay Leno

The ludicrous premise aside, Leno looks as goofy as we’ve ever seen him in Marvel’s 2002 Jay Leno & Spider-Man: One Night Only. Plus, there are all those scenes where Superman throws Leno over his shoulder…

Sarah Palin

This is upsetting in so many ways.

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Obviously, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were always a goofy laugh track — at least on stage — but something about this seems a little demeaning.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato: SuperDuck!

Lindsay Lohan

This is part of Blue Water Productions’s series INFAMOUS , and, well, we can see why.

Charlie Sheen

Come on, you’ve always wanted to see a cracked out-looking Charlie Sheen get exploded. Deadpool to the rescue.

Kim Kardashian

First: those floating faces in a sea of black. Second: they included scenes about the sex tape? Golly.

Alfred Hitchcock

We’ve never seen Alfred Hitchcock look more like a potato than he does in New Mutants #19. [Image via]