Spring Is Here: Art and Books About Plants at the Standard Hollywood


In collaboration with Lauren Spencer King, LA-based artist Lili Cuzor brings Plants: Our Silent Guardians to the Standard Hollywood, just in time for spring. Coinciding with the artist’s installation is Claire Cottrell’s thoughtful collection of art books about plants, wildflowers, herbs, and more in BOOK STAND’s month-long retail space at the Standard.

Cuzor writes: “Let us take a moment to honor these noble green forces of life and elevate them. Hold them in a space where they can be revered, admired and looked upon for all the hard work they do to keep our humanly existence intact. Work that they steadily perform silently and humbly. For they are and always have been our silent guardians.”

Check out a few titles from the ultra-curated collection of books below, and learn more about BOOK STAND’s related films, workshops, tastings, and more at the Standard Hollywood.

Hans Gremmen and Jaap Schereen: Fake Flowers in Full Color, $25

Sunday Mornings at the River, $25

Leanne Shapton: The Native Trees of Canada, $19.95

Barbara Bosworth: Natural Histories, $55

Arno Fischer: The Garden, $70

Top image credits: photographer: Stella Berkofsky; model: Camille Cregan