The 10 Scenes From ‘Game of Thrones’ Book 3 We’re Most Excited to See on TV


Here at Flavorpill, we’re gearing up for season three of HBO’s Game of Thrones, which is likely to be even more eventful than the last two seasons. Why do we think so, you say? Well, because we’ve read the books. And in book three, A Storm of Swords, there’s a heck of a lot of chaos. After the jump, we pick out the ten scenes from the book that we’re most excited to see get the HBO treatment — but fair warning, fans: obviously, major spoilers are rampant. Proceed at your own risk, and for those of you who’ve read the books, let us know if we missed the scene you’re most hoping to see in the comments.

Jaime and Brienne’s Buddy Comedy

We’re cheating already, because this isn’t a specific scene, but some of our favorite parts of A Storm of Swords involved Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth wandering around sniping at each other, getting into scuffles, but ultimately having one another’s backs. We doubt the show will be able to give this odd couple the attention they deserve, but we still look forward to seeing what they do with it.

Jaime Loses a Hand

That Jaime Lannister, we’ve been thinking for the past couple thousand pages, someone needs to take him down a peg or two. Finally, someone does, although it’s someone even more distasteful than the Kingslayer. It’s a major “oh, snap!” moment.

Lady Lysa Takes a Trip Through the Moon Door

Usually George R.R. Martin makes us wait forever to see people we hate get killed, but Lady Lysa’s just too crazy to last. We’ve seen the Moon Door before, back in the show’s first season, but we’re excited to have it back in all its shiny HBO glory, stalked by a silver-tongued Littlefinger with an itchy pushing-hand.

Stannis Saves the Day

No matter what, we’d say that we’re usually rooting for the Night’s Watch, so we got a little thrill of joy when Stannis bailed them out of battle. It’s a scene we all know well — everything’s looking black until someone you totally didn’t even expect jumps out of the bushes to save the day. But then, it’s a classic for a reason.

The Hound vs. Beric / The Mountain vs. Oberyn

We must admit, neither of the book’s twin trials-by-combat have the outcome we’d like, and we particularly rue the death of the witty Oberyn, who definitely should have gotten to see Gregor Clegane die, and who might have vindicated Tyrion, long our favorite schemer. But there’s nothing more tense than a loaded one-on-one fight, and we love the symmetry — in one brother’s fight, both combatants die; in the other’s, both combatants live (of a fashion) — so we’re psyched to see it all go down.

Hot Times with Ygritte and Jon Snow in a Cave

Jon Snow loses his virginity! It’s about time.

Don’t Even Talk to Daenerys About Slavery

We cannot wait to see Daenerys turn her newly purchased slave army against their former masters and then set them free. We also cannot wait for the dragon-based brutality that will ensue. If this scene isn’t incredibly bad-ass, we’re not sure what the point of the show is.

The Unseemly Demise of Tywin Lannister

We think George R.R. Martin knew fans were going to be upset about a certain wedding ceremony, which is probably why he gives us the glorious image of Tywin Lannister sitting on the toilet, his bowels skewered by a crossbow bolt. Okay, so we can’t say we’re exactly looking forward to watching that scene in HD, but we are looking forward to it happening, the jerk.

The Unseemly Demise of Joffrey Baratheon

Now this, this is what we’ve been waiting for since Joffrey didn’t want to pay his respects to the Starks after his father pushed their child out of a window: the pathetic, inglorious end of one of the most evil characters ever created. But now the question is, who are we going to unequivocally hate for the rest of the series?

The Red Wedding

Look, it’s not like we’re actually excited to watch this bloodbath go down, but we are excited about looking at our (less well-read) friends’ faces as the Freys kill everybody. We also admit to a little morbid curiosity at what Robb’s body looks like with his dead direwolf’s head nailed onto it. Wrapped into this scene and also on our can’t wait list? Lady Catelyn coming back to life with a sore throat and a vengeance.

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