Sony’s Top 10 Amateur Action Flicks


We’re dedicated to discovering the best cultural gems around the world, but alas, there are only so many of us. That’s why we love The Moving, a cool project from our friends at Sony that put their Action Cam in the hands of local influencers around the country so they could share their unique views of their local treasures in action.

Cultural representatives were chosen in different area codes, and given free reign to capture videos of whatever they wanted to share. Their personal experiences ranged from dancing with the San Francisco Ballet and mountain biking with an Olympian to grappling with an NCAA wrestling champ.

Check out some of our favorite vids from The Moving below.

Las Vegas, NV: The 702

Palo Alto, CA: The 650

Houston, TX: The 713

New York, NY: The 212

Seattle, WA: The 206

Garden City, NJ: The 516

Denver, CO: The 303

Beverly Hills, CA: The 310

Dallas, TX: The 972

Century City, CA: The 310

Boca Raton, FL: The 561

Costa Mesa, CA: The 714