Sony Presents The Unedited: Unique Perspectives


We dedicate ourselves daily to discovering the best cultural gems in our area, but alas, there are only so many of us. That’s why we love The Unedited, a cool project from our friends at Sony that put NEX-5R cameras in the hands of local artists around the country so they could share their unique views of their local treasures.

Cultural representatives were chosen in 15 different area codes, and given free reign to capture images of whatever amazing finds they wanted to share. Their personal experience ranged from food to fashion to music, so the results were just as varied. Each influencer’s photos are now on display at their local Sony store, where they can be viewed until April 10.

Check out some of our favorite artists from The Unedited below, and find a Sony store in your area where you can see more.

Ann Peavey; Seattle

Daniel Waldron; Palo Alto

Chaucee Stillman; Philadelphia

Jim Darling, McLean

Alison Agosti; Century City

Shayna Batya; Boca Raton

Ryan Schude; Beverly Hills

Jeff Meltz; NYC

Lead photo is of Laura Coronado, Las Vegas.