‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5, Episode 9: “Drama Queens”


Six sickening contestants were left to duke it out this week on RuPaul’s Drag Race, with their acting skills and ability to do a believable Spanish accent as their only weapons. That’s right: the main challenge had the girls in teams of three, with each group filming its own episode of a telenovela. Between the hilarious fake tears and the heartbreaking real ones (Detox opened up for the first time about the death of her ex-boyfriend), this episode was as dramatic and suspenseful as the faux TV shows the queens made. Let’s see which lovely señoritas managed to stay on top.

A Serious Knockout: Jinkx Monsoon

Worrying that most of the other queens weren’t taking her seriously because she’s more of a comedian than a pageant girl, Jinkx set out to prove that she could kill her competition. And between her fearless faked orgasm in the telenovela and her Day of the Dead runway look, she became the first queen this season to win two challenges. Keep it up, girl!

Standout Girl: Alaska

It takes a lot of focus to be teamed with your best friends and still be able to take a step back and remember it’s still a competition. Assigned to work with Detox and Roxxxy, Alaska worried about blending into the background, but she positively sizzled in her all-red runway look, and her Cruella de Vil-esque sketch performance served grade-A Latin realness.

Honestly Guarded: Detox

Detox, like Roxxxy a few weeks ago, broke down during the “crying game” mini challenge and opened up about her emotionally abusive, stalker ex-boyfriend who unexpectedly died two years ago. She had previously prided herself on perfection, but Detox’s new vulnerable side will do more good than harm.

Jumpy in Her Jumpsuit: Coco Montrese

Coco’s runway look — a mango-colored jumpsuit with exaggerated sleeves and an assortment of roses in her hair — was absolutely breathtaking. But her telenovela performance was a little off, especially when the handsome guest actor stepped in and made her tongue-tied and dizzy. Girl, you got a husband!

Si Si, Señorita: Roxxxy Andrews

Roxxxy redeemed herself after two rather flat weeks and was hilarious as the virginal character in the group skit. But her runway look, which involved toned-down makeup to showcase her gorgeous eyes and a silhouette to die for, stole the show, making her the Carmen of this little opera.

Smoking Mess: Alyssa Edwards

After being in the bottom two weeks in a row, Alyssa really would have had to do a 180-degree transformation to stay in the competition. She believed that she could just win every lip sync until she got the crown, but honey, when has that ever happened? Ultimately, Alyssa’s flaw was her lack of self-confidence, and Ru parted ways by hoping that the next time she looks in a mirror, she sees what Ru sees.