FW Exclusive: Michel Gondry Filming Top Secret Project In Williamsburg


Williamsburg’s Orient Avenue is known for two reasons: filmmaker MICHEL GONDRY lives on the street and the house that was KATE WINSLET’s apartment in his movie ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND (now a squatters’ paradise) is on the same block.

The Oscar-winning director appears to be working from home on his next project.

Last night I passed by two guarded, trash bag-covered cameras in front of his house that had been set up earlier that day. When I asked the guys watching the equipment if Gondry was involved, they smiled but would not confirm it.

When I then asked if Michel Gondry was paying them well to stay up all night, they said yes.

So much for playing coy.

I returned at 7 a.m. this morning and spotted Gondry busy sweding with a group of lackeys. One of them joked that they were working on a student film; Gondry told me that he was shooting a music video but would not reveal the artist.

In the past he’s worked with BECK, THE ROLLING STONES and RADIOHEAD.

Does anyone have the scoop on who it is this time around? If you live in New York and are feeling bold, ask him at Strand Bookstore where he’s signing copies of his new book YOU’LL LIKE THIS FILM BECAUSE YOU’RE IN IT tonight.