The Mysterious Case of the Incredibly Shrinking Schlubs


We never thought we’d see the day when we considered putting “Horatio Sanz” and “hot” in the same sentence. Really–we just literally never thought about it. But the day has come, and even though we feel slightly odd that it comes by virtue of a huge weight loss, we can’t help ourselves. Ready? Horatio Sanz just lost 100 pounds, and he looks hot.

Sanz follows in the slim footsteps of Hollywood’s schlubbiest icon: Seth Rogen. Rogen recently did press for Zack and Miri looking like he’d spent months at the gym, and it didn’t go unnoticed. In a Myspace “Artist on Artist” talk between Rogen and Kevin Smith, the two famously big guys discussed their respective weights, and Rogen explained he’d been eating less to prepare for his upcoming role as the Green Hornet.

Rogen and Sanz definitely look good, but their weight had never bothered us before, and we’d like to echo what Kevin Smith told Rogen: “Please get chunky again!” if only because we’re not big fans of the “thinner is better” philosophy for women, and don’t think there should be a double standard for men. What’s next? A svelte Jonah Hill? A buff Sam KinisonDan Fogler? (Look him up). We’re all for healthy diets, but it’s depressing to think that a figures like Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill, who we all love unconditionally, should have to conform to tired body image standards. Plus, we already have enough skinny comedian dudes on our favorites list.

That being said, we’ll admit that we look forward to Horatio Sanz’s next red carpet event.