Awesome Maps of Iconic Pop Culture Locations


If you hadn’t noticed, we’re pop culture geeks here at Flavorwire, and we’re also really rather partial to cartography. As such, we emitted collective “OMG” when we saw these awesome prints of maps from prominent locations in films, video games, TV shows, and comic books. They’re available as prints from a company called City Prints, which we spotted via Laughing Squid. It’s amazing how iconic and easily recognizable some of these maps are — go on, see how many you recognize without having to refer to the captions!

Light World, “The Legend of Zelda”

Middle-Earth, “The Lord of the Rings”

Vice City, “Grant Theft Auto”

Mario Circuit, “Super Mario Kart”

Gotham City, “Batman”

Maze, “Pacman”

Citadel, “Mass Effect 3”

Acre, “Assassin’s Creed”

Metropolis, “Superman”

Springfield, “The Simpsons”