The Best ‘Little Prince’ Merch Ever


Over the weekend, legendary and endlessly inspirational children’s book The Little Prince turned 70 years old. The sheer amount of merchandise connected to this book speaks to its continued universality, even as it reaches its septuagenarian years, and if you’re looking for gifts to celebrate the book’s birthday (or someone else’s), we’ve got you covered. After the jump, show your devotion to Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s enduring classic with the best Little Prince merch we could find — and let us know if we missed something awesome in the comments.

Baobab Seeds (they’re fair trade!). $5.27 at The Little Prince Boutique.

Hand-painted Little Prince sneakers. $72.91 at Etsy.

Quote clock. $55 at Etsy.

Look by Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. Price, we imagine, upon request. [via]

Fox necklace. $21.75 at Etsy.

Asteroide pendant. $91.46 at Etsy.

Little Prince costume, obviously. $65 at Celisco.

Homemade Little Prince tile. $8 at Etsy.

Simply beautiful Prince brooch. [via]

Hand-carved stamps. [via]

The perfect pair. [via]

Twee heels by Melissa Shoes. [via]

Drink some Little Prince beer from Jester King Craft Brewery. [via]

All right, this only barely counts as merch, but we love it. [via]