Flavorpill Guide to the Week’s Top 10 LA Events


Craig Ferguson once said, “I do love America, and LA is a very short commute to America. It’s, like, half an hour on the plane.” It’s true, too; California is like a country of its own, one with the eighth largest economy in the world. Here in Los Angeles, that means a wide array of adventures — from surfing and sun-worship to hiking, skiing, and city-based happenings — but it can all get a little overwhelming at times. Enter Flavorpill’s beautiful new city-based culture guide — an open platform where anyone can create and share local happenings. Follow events from the entire community, including suggestions from Flavorpill’s very own editors and curators. Below are our own recommendations for this week, hand-picked by yours truly, aka Managing Editor of Flavorpill Los Angeles. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out the new Flavorpill. We hope to see you there.

Monday, April 8

BOOKS: Red Hen Press Reading Indie publisher Red Hen Press releases 20 books a year from underrated greats, covering a wide range of diverse cultural viewpoints. Like a dreamy love boat for the literary set, Red Hen Press even donates books to schools and libraries, and it’s sailing in to the Annenberg Beach House for another edition of its regular reading series in New York and Los Angeles. Laden with literary accolades of his own, David St. John introduces three equally accomplished authors — Cecilia Woloch, Eloise Klein Healy, and Nathalie Handal — all reading from their books on the beach at sunset, for free. — Kenneth Hughes

FILM: Jellyfish Eyes

Tuesday, April 9

MUSIC: Pony Boy Pony Boy’s Marchelle Bradanini counts Hank Williams, Bobbie Gentry, and Tom Waits among her influences, specializing in a form of 1950s-influenced music stewed in Americana that’s best described as “junkyard country.” The frontwoman’s gorgeous smoky voice comes alive with the doom-wop vibe of drummer Michael Iveson (Gotye), guitarist David Steele (John Prine, Steve Earle), and bassist Jonathan Price (Henry Clay People). The tracks on Pony Boy’s latest album were mostly taped in one take — produced by Amy Aileen and John Would, who have recorded the likes of rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and Fiona Apple. Take in Pony Boy’s tales of heartache when the band opens for Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes at the Troubadour. — Karin E. Baker

Wednesday, April 10

PARTY: Reveal! Get your party and philanthropy on this Wednesday at Reveal!, the East Side’s hottest new midweek celebration. Arrive early at the Virgil tonight; there’s free bubbly before 10pm and an underground set of sexy guests and performances: Eleanor Wells, Novena Carmel and Jonathan Luna, DJ Alfred Hawkins, KG Superstar, and a midnight dance performance by Melissa Schade. Hosting and headlining the community dance party is Yellow Alex, a crack-funk upstart whose classic disco grooves bring echoes of Parliament and Chic. The Silver Lake band, who just finished a sold-out, month-long residency at the Satellite, delivers crowd-pleasing tunes (the band’s new single “Sarah Sue” is currently on rotation at KCRW) and live choreography that turned last month’s Satellite stage into a Soul Train. All profits go to the LA Gay & Lesbian Youth Center. Don’t miss it! — Julian Hooper

Thursday, April 11

COMEDY: Don’t Tell My Mother! If you think you’re one of those people who tells their mother everything, this show just might help you change your mind. Don’t Tell My Mother! is one of LA’s coolest comedy shows, featuring tell-all tales straight from the source. Hosted by the show’s creator, Nikki Levy, Don’t Tell My Mother! brings an ever-evolving lineup of gifted raconteurs to the stage for an experience that’s equal parts comedy show, live storytelling, and ribald group therapy. We promise that we won’t tell your mother, but we can’t guarantee that her ears won’t burn. — Tanja M. Laden

Friday, April 12

FILM: Animation Breakdown presents Consuming Spirits Definitely not fun for the whole family, Chris Sullivan’s Consuming Spirits is an animated psychological drama that engrosses the viewer in the outlandish worlds of three decrepit souls living in a rustbelt town and working at the local newspaper. As the film craftily and intricately spins each of their sordid tales, we come to find toward the film’s final act that their lives are profoundly intertwined. Sullivan toiled 15 years over this masterwork, which is shot on 16mm and created frame-by-frame with multiplane cut-out animation and drawings on paper. The film achieves something akin to a potent cocktail consisting of two parts Walt Disney and equal parts David Lynch, Todd Solondz, and John Waters. We’re still experiencing a dizzying hangover but would love to go back for another round. — Mindy Bond

Saturday, April 13

PARTY: Saguaro Desert Weekender feat. A Club Called Rhonda Flavorpill and Windows are teaming up with The Saguaro for The Saguaro Desert Weekender pool series during Coachella. Join us on Saturday 4.13 at the Saguaro for a pool party hosted by A Club Called Rhonda. RSVP to join the fun! Weekend hotel rooms are available at TheSaguaro.com. More info at TheSaguaroDesertWeekender.com. — Leah Taylor

FASHION/STYLE: Vintage Fashion Show and Tea

Sunday, April 14

CITY GEM: Tour of Historic Neff Estate Better known as LAVA, the Los Angeles Visionaries Association is excavating another hidden gem in a free, family-friendly tour of La Mirada’s restored Neff Estate, a 119-year-old Mission Revival-style marvel designed by Wallace Neff. Whether you’re an intrepid urban explorer, an armchair adventurer, and/or a California history buff, this two-hour voyage to the past is full of local lore, and it’s all about an underrated SoCal landmark that’s still standing — no small feat for a town so close to the set-striking movie capital of the world. — Tanja M. Laden

PARTY: Saguaro Desert Weekender feat. IAMSOUND