Flavorwire Guest Bloggers YACHT Present: FREEMASON FASHION WEEK


As the great Devendra Banhart once mused, “YACHT = megaphysical.” This, alongside a number of contributing factors, is why we have chosen the band YACHT as our first-ever, week-long guest bloggers. The psychedelic dance fever we get from their latest album, See Mystery Lights, is another reason for our selection. With a foreword by YACHT’s own Claire L. Evans, this is Freemason Fashion Week.

We met Boaz Abraham at the abandoned Masonic lodge in Marfa, Texas — deep in the far west Texas desert, which inches towards Mexico and is littered with optical phenomena and crashing meteorites. When we commented on his dapper 33rd degree apron, he offered to be our secret society fashion consultant. How could we refuse?


Sure, everyone’s about New York fashion week right now, but let’s be honest — it’s the covert duds over at the Freemason fashion week (location secret, of course, unless you know the handshake) that will be informing all the tastemakers in the New World Order for decades — nay, centuries! — to come. Keep your all-seeing eye on the new looks here.

APRONS Aprons are the little black dress of the Masonic set. No initiate’s wardrobe is complete without one, and hopefully every acolyte will accumulate a hefty set of increasingly flashy aprons throughout his indoctrination. Just because aprons are standard-issue, however, doesn’t mean they need to be frumpy. Quite the opposite: the trend this year is for Grand Master aprons of lush purple velvets and golden brocade, dripping with tassels. For Centennial Worshipful Masters, try a soft teal grosgrain ribbon rosette on white leather, with your Lodge name embroidered in gold. Remember, for the Brotherhood, there’s no such thing as a recession.

CHAIN COLLARS For fall, the chain collar is back! No matter what degree you are, there’s a neckpiece for you — from a basic, timeless red velvet with triangle-shaped charms, to the pomp of a past potentate’s chain with its double layers of ribbon and star-and-crescent motif. When it comes to collars, always over-accessorize your symbolism with skulls, beehives, of course, squares and compasses. Remember, when it comes to regalia, too much is never enough!

CUFFS AND GAUNTLETS Like all gentlemen, a Mason can never be accused of ignoring the precious details which really make an outfit. With an apron or chain collar, the gauntlet (or wrist cuff) cannot be ignored. Remember, this season is all about coordination: smart members of the New World Order will remember to complement their regalia with angular, gold-stitched cuffs that marry a quasi-Military feel with this season’s purple.

Freemason Fashion Week items available on: fraternallyyoursinc.com masonicexchange.com hiramhunter.com