Pic of the Day: Dubai Schools Us in Public Transit


If this is what the infamous Second Avenue subway line is planning to look like, then we’ll gladly wait until 2012 2034 when it’s finally finished. Dubai’s new luxury metro opened last week and the features are duly impressive. Stats and more photos after the jump.

  • 52 kilometers (roughly 32 miles) of track with 29 stations.
  • Wireless Internet service at all the stations and on the trains.
  • The entire system was constructed in only four years but cost €5.25 billion.
  • The world’s “longest fully-automated, driverless metro system.”
  • Dubai is the first city in the oil-rich Gulf to introduce rail as a commuting option; currently only 6% of residents use public transportation (compared to more than half of New Yorkers).

Via Speigel Online.