Sony Presents The Contested


We’re big champions of local culture, but alas, there are only so many of us. That’s why we love The Contested, a cool project from our friends at Sony, who asked local musicians around the country to come up with a brand-new tune that repped their city.

Artists were chosen in ten different area codes, and given free reign to capture the essence of their city via their own musical style. Every song is now streaming at their local Sony store, where you can check them out through April 20.

Check out some of our favorite artists from The Contested below, and find a Sony store in your area where you can see more.

Particles Like Planets, 310

Planet Booty, 650

Go Periscope, 206

Red Box Harbor, 713

Ley Joans

The Garage Boys, 702

Amnesia Beach, 714