Nostalgic Nickelodeon Art Celebrates the ’90s


Oh 1990’s Nickelodeon, how we miss you so. The network’s golden age produced some of the most original, free-spirited fun on television that had young audiences swimming in green slime. Pie-faced shenanigans, witty cartoons, and colorful characters entertained a generation. Gallery iam8bit is celebrating Nickelodeon’s classic era with their upcoming exhibit, It’s the shizNICK. Over 60 artists are paying tribute to the channel that ruled your youth with paintings, prints, sculptures, plush, and installations that recall the best of Nick: You Can’t Do That on Television, SpongeBob, The Ren & Stimpy Show, Double Dare, and more. If you’re in Los Angeles on April 19, check out a cool photo playset, animated GIF theater, and other Nicktastic installations at iam8bit. Enjoy a preview of the exhibit in our gallery.

Becky Dreistadt, Spoot

Darick Maasen, turn the page, wash your hands ∞

Dave Crosland, You Can’t Hide Forever

Jim Mahfood, Happy Happy Joy Joy

Jim Rugg, You Eediot!

Joe Vaux, Darth Plankton

Johnny Ryan, BARTH

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Kyler Martz, Pete is a Punk

Maxime Mary, Still Cool

Nan Lawson, Hey Sandy

Nicole Gustafsson, Seeking the Neematoad

Suhko Lee, Up Chuckie

The Chung!!, Jerry the Bellybutton Elf Finds a Friend