Crowdfunded Culture: 5 New Projects That Are Worth Your Money


Welcome to Crowdfunded Culture, a new bi-weekly Flavorwire series in which we sift through the stacks of half-baked ideas on various funding platforms and hone in on a few that might be worthy of your money — endeavors which we think could make the world a slightly better place, or more importantly, could actually pay out.

A Total Disruption: Ondi Timoner’s Portal for Innovators

We love Ondi for what she did with DIG!, and here’s she’s going full on to help inspire us lazy people to get off the couch and disrupt something. It would be cool if she could get her most notorious subject, Anton Newcombe from Brian Jonestown Massacre, to be a spokesperson, but he’s probably busy shooting up or freaking out somewhere.

The Post War Orchestra

Ever since Isaiah talked about beating swords into ploughshares, humanity has been waiting for someone to actually do it. Here are a bunch of artsy musicians clearly inspired by magic and makeup, doing some amazing things with all those stupid bits of iron so effectively made to kill people.


Anything involving yoga superstar Elena Brower deserves mention, and this project, in which she teams up with Congressman Tim Ryan, Giancarlo Esposito from Breaking Bad, and none other than Mr. Transcendental Meditation, David Lynch, looks to be another amazing project. Even if you don’t meditate. (Why don’t you meditate?)

Popbitch: The Next Generation

When Flavorpill Media starting doing emails in 2000, there were only a few companies that thought that was a good idea, one of which was Popbitch. And the best thing about them is they really don’t seem to give a F*CK. Let’s all fund their next thing because, even if it sucks, it will be funny, and they’ll make fun of it better than we ever could.

Big Green Theater

Bushwick is for hipsters with twirly mustaches and ironic tattoos, we know. But there are also some kids who live there who don’t drink PBR and complain about the L train and the fact that bars are now closing early on Sundays. Let’s help them put on a play that sounds awesome.

Honorable Mention: Kickstarter Open Source Deathstar

Shame on us for letting this project go unfunded. With all the power of collective funding and one simple idea, what, we couldn’t come together to build our own Deathstar? This would have been our chance to collectively one-up Elon Musk. Guess that’s just never going to happen now. We’re f*cked.