Master of the Mix: Meet the Winner, DJ Jayceeoh


Shows like The Voice have long been guilty pleasures for us and plenty of other music fans (we won’t tell if you won’t), but there hasn’t been a real equivalent for the DJ talent we know abounds around the country. Enter VH1’s Master of the Mix, a DJ competition show which just crowned its winner, DJ Jayceeoh. We had a quick chat with the newly named mix master.

Flavorwire: Who were the DJs when you were first starting out that you looked up to? DJ Jayceooh: Kid Capri [who also judged the competition], Funk Master Flex, DJ Revolution, Jazzy Jeff, and Z-Trip.

When you DJ, what’s your favorite stuff to play? It really depends on the crowd. I like to gauge my set off of crowd reaction.

What’s your favorite venue to play? Roseland Ballroom in NYC. I played there in November with rapper and RCA recording artist Sammy Adams for a sold-out show. There is no better feeling in the entire world.

Why did you decide to compete on the show? For a chance to win a quarter million dollars and show the world my passion for deejaying.

Who did you consider your biggest competition on Master of the Mix, and why? Chris Karns for sure was my biggest competition throughout. The dude is talented and I always knew we would be going head to head throughout the competition. Chris was a DMC World Champion and is a very fierce competitor.