The Morning’s Top 5 Pop Culture Stories


1. ABC News reporter Terry Moran tweeted an off-the-record comment President Obama made about the Kanye West/Taylor Swift scandal. Spoiler alert: Barry’s on Team Taylor. [via Politico] 2. Rather than a game-changer, The Jay Leno Show is The Tonight Show — with many of the same Bush jokes. [via LAT] 3. Alan Ball confirms that Evan Rachel Wood will be returning for the next season of True Blood. [via EW] 4. Takashi Murakami is only 47, but he’s already worrying about his posthumous reputation and creating the self portraits to prove it. [via The Times] 5. Will Dan Brown’s Lost Symbol thrust the notorious secretive Freemasons into the national spotlight? [AP via @sarahw]

Bonus link: The World’s 10 Greatest Large Urban Parks