Daily Dose Pick: Mark Jenkins


Street-installation artist Mark Jenkins uses unlikely juxtapositions to shake people loose from their day-to-day expectations.

The streets of world cities aren’t just the backdrop for Mark Jenkins’ sculptural interventions; they’re also an integral part of the work itself. His clear-tape and more realistic mixed-media sculptures of animals, babies, and scraggly, Robert Gober-esque transients incorporate edifice walls, bent poles, and even garbage piles into site-specific subversions of the norm.

Explore more of the artist’s street sculpture, venture inside gallery walls, watch videos of people interacting with Jenkins’ work, and meet a bunch of other Mark Jenkinses.

February 2006, Baltimore, MD

April 2008, Malmo, Sweden

October 2006, Fairfax, VA

June 2006, Washington, DC

National Cathedral School, Washington, DC, 2007

July 2006, Washington, DC

April 2006, Washington, DC