Sony Presents The Talented


We’re big champions of local culture, but alas, there are only so many of us. That’s why we love The Talented, a cool project from our friends at Sony, who asked local cultural influencers around the country to capture their talent-filled days via the Sony Action Cam.

Influencers were chosen in ten different area codes, and given free reign to capture the essence of their talent with the Action Cam. Every clip is now streaming at their local Sony store, where you can check them out through April 28.

See some of our favorite contributors from The Talented below, and find a Sony store in your area where you can see more.

Ronnie Woo, 310

Ronnie is the man behind some of LA’s favorite dishes. As the owner of The Delicious Cook and Hamilton LA, he brings recipes to life. He gives us a look at his upcoming pop-up restaurant, Salt + Honey, with the Action Cam.

Raginder Momi, 650

Raginder, aka Violinder, makes cross-cultural musical mash-ups, mixing styles from hip-hop to Indian classical. The violinist uses the Action Cam to give us a tour of his musical talents, from his instrument’s perspective.

Rootberry, 407

Rootberry is Jonathan Root and Bill Berry. Although they look like average guys, they’re actually world-champion jugglers and record-holding sword-swallowers. The comedy stunt duo shows off some exceptional tricks via the Action Cam.

Sasha Gaulin, 516

Parents tell their kids not to play with fire, but as a professional fire artist, Sasha does so on a daily basis. The performer specializes in mind-bending aerialist acts and fire art, earning the nickname, The Fire Gypsy. See a sneak peek of her dazzling performances.

Christina Wilson, 702

You may recognize Christina from her winning turn in the 2012 season of Hell’s Kitchen. After surviving Gordon Ramsay on TV, she took over as head chef at Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris on the Strip. With the Action Cam, she takes us behind the scenes of her kitchen, sharing her inspiration.