‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ Season 5, Episode 12: “The Final Three, Hunty”


Surprise, surprise: the winner wasn’t crowned on last night’s RuPaul’s Drag Race, because the top three queens were too equally matched in all challenges, including their lip sync. But the upside is, you can now vote for your favorite girlie goddess and tune in to the next two episodes for interviews, a special music video, and that final announcement. Unsure of who to vote for? Here’s a breakdown of every sickening babe and why she should (or shouldn’t) be your pick.

Roxxxy Andrews

Pros: Roxxxy is the “thick and juicy” gal this competition’s been waiting for, plain and simple. She is anything but body-conscious and does everything to show off her assets. Her makeup and hair are always perfect, down to the last detail, and, as she proved in this episode, she can werk windblown hair like no other.

Cons: Roxxxy has a tendency to be a mean queen; she’s been especially cruel to Jinkx and is now even starting to take jabs at her friend, Alaska. It’s been established that she does this when she’s insecure about her own work, and while she does own up to it and apologize, is this bodacious babe just too thin-skinned to win?


Pros: If she wins, Alaska and her partner — last season’s spooky winner, Sharon Needles — will be the Will and Kate of the drag world. But aside from their inspiring relationship, Alaska has proven that she isn’t just breezing her way through the competition because of who she’s dating or who she’s friends with. With her trademark nasal-toned “Hiiiiii,” she has put in the effort to really stand out as an individual, and is the most balanced in mixing humor with glamor. Oh, and she’s never been in the bottom two.

Cons: Alaska often struggles with dancing and staying in sync with the other girls, which can be an issue for a professional queen, who’s got to be a triple threat.

Jinkx Monsoon

Pros: As she proclaimed tonight, Jinkx is the queen for outcast kids. From this episode, we learned that her connection to playing older women might tie in to her troubled childhood, giving her a truly unique voice not only in this competition, but in the drag world as well. Her courtroom characters and comedic timing were flawless, and she’s grown enormously throughout the season, showing that she is willing to reinvent herself as often as necessary.

Pros: Jinkx has bothered a lot of queens — especially Coco and Roxxxy — with her inability to look traditionally pretty, and even last night, while her makeup and hair looked as delicate as ever, her dress just wasn’t tasteful enough. She’s a brilliant comedienne, but is she just too different?

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