Tour de Fat Is Hitting the Road


New Belgium’s Tour de Fat is cruising ‘cross the USA this summer, and you’re invited to ride along. The roaming fest celebrates young bike lovers, seasoned beer drinkers, and everyone in between. In 12 cities around the country, a costumed bicycle parade will weave through the city, ending at a veritable smorgasbord of New Belgium beers, all available for your sampling pleasure (including our personal faves, Fat Tire and Ranger IPA). Rock out with your fellow cycling/suds enthusiasts to a bevy (heh) of live bands, and join a Thousand Person Dance Contest to win a 2013 New Belgium Cruiser Bike.

Sounds like a workout, right? That’s why Flavorpill is appointing a Maire de Tour in each city. This authoritative figure is the mayor (as in Foursquare) of one of the biggest New Belgium bars in town, and as with great power comes great responsibility, he or she will be sharing crucial training tips for beer and bike fans alike as they gear up for Tour de Fat. Follow us on Facebook and Tumblr for more info on the fest and its maires; and from Boise to Tempe, DC to San Diego, make sure you’re in peak “fizz-ical” condition.