Incredible Drawings of Hitchcock Film Stills


Hitchcock was a master visualist who approached every project with meticulous storyboards, every frame constructed to manipulate his audience’s emotions down to the final minute. The auteur’s style attracted artist Martín Sichetti, who we learned about on Parallax View. When he was musing on the scene in To Catch a Thief, in which Jessie Royce Landis stubbed out her cigarette in a soft-boiled egg, he was inspired to create a series of drawings based on close-up frames from Hitchcock films. “This is what I like the most from Hitch: the humor,” the artist told us. Gloves, suitcases, keys, and other objects — often fetishized by the director — are captured in soft-focus with hands, limbs, and necks the only identifiers of the faceless characters. Sichetti’s background in theater and costume design is an innate connection to Hitch’s expressive, symbolic visuals. Take a closer look in our gallery.

Martín Sichetti, The Key from Dial M for Murder

Martín Sichetti, Auction from North by Northwest

Martín Sichetti, Gloves from Dial M for Murder

Martín Sichetti, Ink, Red from Marnie

Martín Sichetti, Crash Kills from Marnie

Martín Sichetti, Bishop from Family Plot

Martín Sichetti, Dead Phone from Frenzy

Martín Sichetti, Egg from To Catch a Thief

Martín Sichetti, Caille aux raisins from Frenzy

Martín Sichetti, Vertigo from Vertigo