A Selection of Snoop Animals We’d Like to See


Snoop Dogg’s tranformation into rap game Rastafarian and possible reincarnation of Bob Marley was completed this week with his release of Reincarnation as Snoop Lion. His conversion has been the subject of some debate — is it for real? Is it just a marketing ploy, like almost everything else he does? — but for those who’d could care less about the genuineness of Snoop’s religious conversion, the most interesting bit is the transition from Dogg to Lion. And why stop there? There are so many more spirit animals that Snoop could adopt in this ongoing taxonomical transformation! Here are some other Snoop animals we’d like to see.

Snoop Catt

Patron saint of one of our very favorite Tumblrs of all time, the inimitable and much-lamented Stoned Cats.

Snoop Octopus

“From the depths of the sea, back to the block…” Special power: the ability to smoke eight joints simultaneously. Underwater.

Snoop Three-Toed Sloth

Frankly, when you smoke as much weed as Snoop does, even matching the energy level of Snoop Sloth is an achievement.

Snoop Flying Squirrel

Just because.

Snoop Pugg

A return to his canine roots! Lion or no lion, at the end of the day, it’s a doggy dogg world.