What’s On at Flavorwire: The Links That Made the Rounds at Our Office


Recognizing that there’s an overabundance of stuff on the Internet (and it’s not everyone’s job to keep up with it all), Flavorwire is curating the best of what we come across — and share with our coworkers — in our daily meanderings around the web. Below, check out both the big and the obscure stories you might have missed during your long day at the office.

Talib Kweli is back with a new album and a new definition of “conscious rap.”

And while we’re discussing self-definition, David Bowie decided to share 42 random words that describe his writing process. Take it for what it’s worth (that is, gold).

The utterly brilliant bits of eye candy known as The Wanted have released a (sorta, and by that we mean not-at-all) charming ode to Rihanna.

And while we’re on the subject of homage, let’s talk about these fascinatingly bad foreign movie posters. To be fair, they’re made out of necessity — or a loose definition of the word.