Rate-A-Trailer: Tom Ford Goes Celluloid with A Single Man


Tom Ford is a product of his own creation, a fashion visionary who pimps envelope-pushing ads and the idea that women can be as sexually powerful as men. And despite his mantle as the “straightest gay man alive,” he is in fact, still gay. For his first full-length feature film, A Single Man, Ford drops the artifice and maintains his devastating sense of style of relay the story of a gay British college professor mourning the death of a longtime lover.

Set in LA in the early ’60s, the cast (Colin Firth, Julianne Moore, Gennifer Goodwin, Matthew Goode) get to frolic in sets that would make Matthew Weiner seethe with envy. As you can see from the clip, we also get a lot of moody eye close-ups, fantastic costuming, a Julianne Moore pompadour, and a sexier rendition of Firth’s universally-beloved water scene.

We have high hopes for this one, especially considering that Colin Firth’s turn as George Falconer won the Volpi Cup at the Venice Film Festival this year. What say ye, ladies and gentlemen of the jury?