‘Revenge’ Season 2, Episode 19 Recap: Last Night’s Winners and Losers


Life is so much more interesting in the Hamptons. At least, it is in the soap world of Revenge, where it’s a high-class hotbed for the exploits of the rich, beautiful, and irrevocably corrupt. Though it’s quite different for the beguiling Emily Thorne (née Amanda Clarke), who’s returned to the Hamptons of her childhood with a hefty agenda: to learn the truth about her past, and retribute those who framed her father for a heinous crime he didn’t commit. We’re keeping weekly score of Emily’s endeavors, and the many others of our favorite Hamptonians, by calling each episode’s winners and losers. After a long hiatus from the Hamptons, we’re back again, and the place is as dramatic as we left it. Following Padma’s murder, Nolan starts to get back on track, propping himself up with a fresh challenge – and a jacket adorned with a scorpion à la Gosling. Meanwhile, Daniel’s eager to make Emily a Grayson, and Victoria makes life difficult for her vote-hungry politician husband with a hefty public confession. Indeed, events are escalating finely in the lead up to the two-hour finale May 12.


Ashley: Ashley continues to help Jack on his muddled revenge path, and manages to get one up on Conrad after Jack spots him getting into a car with the governor’s wife, Alison Stoddard. Though Jack doesn’t believe they’re having an affair, Ashley knows Connie well. “She’s a woman, isn’t she?” she quips. Later, catching Conrad in a weak moment, showing him the photos she snagged off of Jack, Ashley secures her Pyrrhic victory as she manages to get her job as campaign coordinator back, which might just bring about another victory for Jack further down the line.

Daniel: Daniel’s got Emily back, and now that he has her, he wants to ensure that she won’t get away this time by putting pressure on her; first, strategically through the media, and second, with a bolder gesture as he returns Emily’s old engagement ring to her and gives her an ultimatum. If the next time he sees her, she’s wearing the ring, he’ll have his answer. And though Emily’s close to everything she’s ever wanted, revenge wise, she seems to be having some doubts.

Nolan: After being interrogated by the police about Padma’s murder for days, Nolan’s still reeling from his loss, but when Emily enlists his help to take down the Falcon, he steadily gets motivated again. Once Emily tips him off about Victoria’s connection to the Falcon (leaving Grayson Manor after staying at Daniel’s, Emily catches Victoria handing over forged documents to Conrad to prove her “abortion”). By cleverly tapping into Victoria’s e-mail, Nolan finally gets access to the Falcon and a meeting – which he arranges with the Falcon over IM. Finally meeting in person at an arcade, Nolan discovers the computer wiz is a she. Nolan urges her to play against him in a video game: if he wins, she has to help him by supposedly erasing incriminating information about him off the Internet, which he’s conveniently stored on a slick USB (though really he’s just used it to steal the info he needs, and expose her). Erstwhile, Emily who has followed along, seizes the opportunity to take some snaps of the Falcon for keepsakes.


The Falcon: After Nolan’s conquest with the video game, the Falcon swallows her pride and plugs the USB into her laptop – and thus Nolan gets his crowning victory. Along with the transfer of all her data, including valuable information she holds about the Graysons, he learns all about the Falcon. Her name is Edith Lee, and she worked at Grayson Global as a consultant and had been enlisted by the family to cover up their dirty trail on the Internet. And the sting in the tail of Nolan’s win is getting Lee arrested. Emily even hands over the torch – well, the proverbial red Sharpie – on this one, as she sends Nolan a photo of Edith for him to strike off his victory in Padma’s honor.

Victoria: Giving Conrad what he wants with forged evidence of her abortion, we glimpse Victoria’s past through more (terribly acted_ flashbacks in which the young mother wins a scholarship to study in Paris. She takes the opportunity and leaves her son, Patrick. In the present day, as well as having to deal with her email being hacked into, and Emily back with Daniel in the Grayson fold, Conrad’s invited a camera crew into their home without consulting her. As he addresses her abortion – a touchy subject for politicians, real and fictional – on air, Victoria responds by telling the truth, leaving Conrad fuming.

Conrad: After Victoria’s on-air announcement, Conrad is publicly shamed this week, and in the rare effort to appear transparent, he comes off looking insincere and slimy to the public. Ashley’s also onto Conrad’s game this week, and after she shows him the incriminating photos of him with the governor’s wife, he’s pressured to re-hire her.

Declan and Charlotte: Charlotte, who’s primed for Harvard, has promised to help Declan with his admissions essay for NYU. But when she strikes up an unlikely friendship with Regina, the girl she once punched in the face, and ditches him to go clubbing with her new pal, she lies about it, using her parents as an excuse. However, when a video of Charlotte kissing Regina leaks online, Declan’s not pleased. Could this bring about the end of Charlotte’s Harvard plans — and her relationship?

Emily: Though things are looking up for Emily – at least, in revenge terms (she’s finally found her way back to the Graysons, through Daniel) – the break doesn’t seem to have done her any good. She seems pretty exhausted. Jack’s still giving her the cold shoulder, and he becomes even more distant after he witnesses her pandering to the media with Daniel, saying that she looks forward to being a Grayson. Though she calls Jack to try to explain, telling him that it’s not what it looks like, he abruptly informs her that she’s no longer Carl’s godmother.

Aiden: Yes, Aiden’s been touchy recently – but with good reason. After all, Daniel’s on his case at work and, you know, the guy’s also sleeping with his girlfriend. Plus, as Aiden tells Takeda on a brief visit to the Hamptons, though he got his vengeance – he killed the man who murdered his sister – he’s come to realize that he’s no better for it, nor does he believe Emily will be when she completes her revenge path. So really, Aiden’s been rather patient with his girlfriend. Few chaps would wait for a girl as she endeavors to destroy an evil family through their son. Indeed, at the end of the episode, as Aiden pushes another man’s engagement ring onto Emily’s finger, it’s a gesture that actually brings them closer, since the nearer Emily gets to exacting her revenge once and for all, the sooner she and Aiden will get to be together. Though, as with most plans on Revenge, something is sure to come along and derail it.