27 Awesome Photos of Cultural Icons at Prom


Now that May is here, there’s no ignoring it: our tackiest American teenage rite of passage is approaching. That’s right, it’s prom season. Whether this conjures up cringe-worthy memories or no memories at all for you, not to worry — hosts of your favorite cultural icons have gone through it too, with varying degrees of grace. Below, you’ll find a collection of some of the greatest photos of actors, politicians, musicians, and even writers in their prom-night finest.

RuPaul at prom at Northside High in Atlanta, 1983. [via]

Lady Gaga and friends heading to prom. [via]

An 18-year-old Michelle Robinson (soon to be Obama) at the Whitney M. Young High School in Chicago in 1982. [via]

And Sarah Palin in her signature color. Notice how similar her chair is to Michelle’s — what does it mean? [via]

Looks like Brad Pitt’s prom date kinda wanted to marry him. [via]

Verne Troyer: wore the homecoming crown, dated the prom queen. 1987. [via]

Betsey Johnson getting ready to go to prom at Terryville High School in Wethersfield, Connecticut in 1958. [via]

Obviously, Will Ferrell. [via]

A lithe Paula Deen at her prom. [via]

Fact: Kobe Bryant and Brandy went to prom together in 1996. [via]

Dick Cheney and Lynne Vincent on prom night in 1959. [via]

George Clooney at his 1978 junior prom at Augusta High School in Kentucky. [via]

Mitt Romney at his senior prom. As always, not getting the joke. [via]

Bruce Willis (far left) was Homecoming King at his senior prom at Penns Grove High School in 1973. [via]

The ever-gorgeous Meryl Streep was homecoming queen at Queen Bernards High School in Bernardsville, NJ in 1967. [via]

Fact #2: Topanga (er, Danielle Fishel) went to prom with Lance Bass — who was her boyfriend at the time. [via]

Philip Roth at his senior prom at Weequahic High School, 1950. He’s all the way in the back. [via]

A super-adorable Snooki at prom. [via]

A very model-esque Tyra Banks at prom. [via]

Snoop [Insert Today’s Animal Here] at prom. [via and via]

Tiger Woods and Dina Parr at their high school prom. [via]

Angela Bassett matching her date at prom. [via]

Derek Jeter. [via]

Lizzy Caplan is the greatest. [via]

Katie Couric, her date, and some serious glare. [via]

Busta Rhymes! [via]

Ellen DeGeneres at her prom at Atlanta High School in 1976. [via]