The Best ‘Great Gatsby’ Merchandise for Living the High Life


If there’s anything Jay Gatsby went in for, it was capitalism. So if you’re getting excited for the film adaptation of your favorite book, or planning a Gatsby-centric theme party that’s just dying for some chic decor, why not follow in your favorite fictional character’s steps and spend a little green? It’s what a man with sweaters so nice they make girls cry would want. After the jump, you’ll find some of the best Gatsby merch — from rare books to earrings — available, so get shopping, and get a little literary glam in the process.

It’s what the cool kids do. $41.99 at Skreened.

A little bit of that Gatsby charm. $24.14 at Etsy.

Doctor T. J. Eckleburg is watching you. $9.99 at Etsy.

An Art Deco brass cuff, complete with quote. $38 at Etsy.

The first 5727 words of The Great Gatsby, perfect for any man’s wall. $17.00 at Etsy.

In case reading turns to crying. $19 at Etsy.

A Gatsby-inspired bow-tie necklace. For parties. $18 at Etsy.

Why not wear that with these book cover earrings? $10 at Etsy.

Lovely Gatsby-inspired art prints on pages of the book — if you can bear the defacement. $21 at Etsy.

For the die-hard fan: a rare first edition of a printed facsimile of the manuscript, edited by Matthew Bruccoli and published in 1973. $750 at Etsy.

The obligatory tote bag, this one better than most. $19 at Etsy.

Proclaim your affiliations with this awesome Dr. T. J. Eckleburg button. $1.50 at Etsy.

Or decorate your walls with Fitzgerald’s words. $26 at Etsy.

How else would you hold your candles? $12 at Etsy.

Does anyone at Gatsby’s drink beer? Well, this is what they might drink if they did. [via]