Exclusive Supercut: The Worst Movie Moms Ever


Mother’s Day is a mere 48 hours away, so you know what that means: time to grab a couple of bottles of wine and dig out that DVD of Mommie Dearest. No? Just me? All right then. But it seems like this is the perfect time of year to take a look at some of the many bad moms of moviedom — the mean ones, the inappropriate ones, the violent ones — and take note that your mother (smothering or embarrassing though she might be) could be a whole lot worse.

The Worst Movie Moms Ever from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

CREDITS Edited by Jason Bailey Music by The Intruders

CLIPS (in alphabetical order) 8 Mile (Curtis Hanson, 2002) An American Crime (Tommy O’Haver, 2007) American Pie (Paul Weitz, 1999) Boogie Nights (Paul Thomas Anderson, 1997) Carrie (Brian De Palma, 1976) Drop Dead Gorgeous (Michael Patrick Jann, 1999) Flowers in the Attic (Jeffrey Bloom, 1987) Friday the 13th (Sean S. Cunningham, 1980) The Graduate (Mike Nichols, 1968) The Grifters (Stephen Frears, 1990) The Manchurian Candidate (John Frankenheimer, 1962) Mommie Dearest (Frank Perry, 1981) Mother (Albert Brooks, 1996) Notorious (Alfred Hitchcock, 1946) Ordinary People (Robert Redford, 1980) Precious (Lee Daniels, 2009) Psycho (Alfred Hitchcock, 1960) Serial Mom (John Waters, 1994) The Stepmother (Howard Avedis, 1972) Suddenly, Last Summer (Joseph L. Mankiewicz, 1959)