Photo Gallery: Little Boots @ The Bowery Ballroom


The hype for the newest UK export Little Boots aka Victoria Hesketh began to build just a scant year ago. Since then she’s been to the coasts several times and released the short US-only Illuminations EP; the full album release date is not forthcoming. Despite that oversight, the sold-out Bowery Ballroom was full of ecstatic concert-goers singing along. View a photo slideshow here>>

With a great light show and a dress that must’ve been made out of confetti, Ms. Hesketh strode and jumped back and forth on gravity defying pumps bathed in pinks and blues, and white spotlights. (This, after filling in for Ida Maria, who recently dropped off of the Perez Hilton Presents Tour, uptown at the Fillmore.) The male-dominated front row — a rarity — with a few girls lost in the midst, was giddy with the nearness of a beloved performer. It all took off with “Meddle” and only slowed down for the futuristic, non-album track “Magical.” A crowd sing-along was the highlight for latest single “Remedy,” the final “oh oh” surprisingly in tune. “New In Town” held its own and “Remedy” got the biggest cheer; too bad Philip Oakey of The Human League couldn’t make a guest appearance for a mind-blowing duet.

The encore wowed with a cover of Freddie Mercury‘s “Love Kills” and the undeniably catchy “Stuck on Repeat.” The set was short and sweet. In the end, Little Boots, all smiles, left the stage with a wave.