Flavorwire Exclusive: S.E. Hinton on Her Epic Love of ‘Supernatural’


This week, while in a Twitter black hole of sorts, I made my way to the profile of legendary author S. E. Hinton (of The Outsiders and Rumble Fish fame). I was surprised to find that she described herself thusly: “writer for a long, long time Supernatural fan horsewoman wife mother friend.” Now, being a (semi-closeted) Supernatural fan myself, I was tickled to see that the writer loved the show enough to make it part of her online identity. With a bit more research, I discovered that she is a committed fan who has appeared on the show and has even been known to write Supernatural fanfiction. So, just in time for tonight’s Season 8 finale, I emailed Hinton to ask about her love for the show. And she wrote back!

Hinton says, “I watched the first episode when it first aired; I’ve always been interested in the paranormal. I came for the subject and stayed for the story. In season 3 I wrote Eric Kirpke my first ever fan letter. It turned out he is a fan of mine. I received an invitation to visit the set in Vancouver, and have been visiting ever since. I love the writing, the acting, the production values. Most of all I love the stories. Because of Supernatural I have made new friends, (actors, producers, writers, directors, crew) and had many adventures. After all, how many people get to be killed in a diner by Leviathan Sam & Dean, get to see heads roll, and sewn back on; how many have trudged through Purgatory with a vampire pirate, a dirty angel, and our hero, Dean? To say Supernatural is my all time favorite TV show is putting it mildly. When it is over, a chunk of my life will be over with it. P.S. There is a chair with my name on it on the set. Literally.”