Kanye Makes Us Like Him, Then Hate Him in the Same Interview


From Peter Macia’s cover story for FADER 58: “I used to feel this sense of entitlement that’s completely immature. I needed to really get past that. It’s been a great detriment to people liking me, me being a spoiled baby, and people still make jokes about it, but they don’t realize I’m not that same person.”

Wow Kanye, it seems like you’re showing some self awareness for once. That’s awesome.

“I want my music to be played the same place you could play a Feist song, but I want it to still work in a strip club, still work in a car….I go to Starbucks every day, listen, look at the CD rack, and I’m like, I’m not here. I could easily give up and be like, Well, I’m black and I’m a rapper, or I could be like Man, what could I do to get here? You only got one life and sh*t. Who’s to say what you can and can’t do?”

And you’re back to the crazy megalomaniac that we always thought you were. What’s next in your quest for omnipresence, Hypersonic Sound-Beams? You spoiled baby.