Popular TV Shows Improved by Diddy


Just like pretty much everyone else on the Internet, the inhabitants of Flavorwire central giggled heartily at the news yesterday that Diddy was trying to inveigle his way onto Downton Abbey. The fact that the whole thing was a clever piece of promotion for a pretty amusing Funny or Die video didn’t dampen our enthusiasm any — by then, we’d moved onto envisaging other TV shows that we’d like to see Diddy on, and breaking out Photoshop to make our dreams a reality. See the results of our fantasies after the jump.


Just try to un-see this image.


In which a rather strange man is given a vehicle for his comedic talents, and hilarity abounds. It… well, maybe it’d work?

Game of Thrones

Because who doesn’t want to see Diddy have a bunch of dragons at his disposal? And, um, other assets? No? It’s just us?

Mad Men

No one likes Pete Campbell. Solution: replace him with Diddy forthwith.

True Blood

An evil creature of the night, sucking the blood of the music industry unwary traveler.

The Tudors

And finally, once you’ve started on period dramas, it’s hard to stop. Diddy may discover this in due course.