Flickr Found Photo Fridays: The Public Flogging of Kanye West


‘Twas the epithet heard ’round the world, when even our fine nation’s president agreed that Kanye West was being a “jackass” by interrupting widdle ole Taylor Swift onstage at the VMAs. Artificial drama aside (we know, New York Times, we should be much more concerned about health care than Lady Gaga‘s gender, the architectural taste of Prince Charles, or Perez Hilton vs. minor pop star of the week), we’re using this week’s keyword as a fearless guide into the depths of Flickr. That’s right, it’s Found Photo Friday, and we’re taking a donkey ride.

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*Note: Whoulda thunk; there’s an actual breed of flightless seabirds off the coast of southern Africa called the jackass penguin. These little fellas outnumber Bam Margera on Flickr about 3:1.

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