Flavorwire Exclusive: The Ultimate Ann Veal “Her?” Supercut


Arrested Development fans are busy counting down the hours until Season 4 premieres this Sunday at midnight on Netflix, and here at Flavorwire, we’re no different. So, we’re passing the time by declaring this Arrested Development Week, all leading up to a Recap-a-thon on Sunday, when our own Jason Bailey will review the whole season, episode by episode. Click here to follow our coverage.

In Arrested Development‘s Season 1 finale, “Let ‘Em Eat Cake,” a flat-voiced young woman approaches George Michael Bluth at the banana stand. This was the first appearance of Ann Veal, played in that episode by Alessandra Torresani and through the rest of the run by Mae Whitman (series creator Mitch Hurwitz said he’d toyed with the idea of having a different actress play Ann in each episode, to emphasize how unmemorable she was). She would become George Michael’s greatest love, and Michael’s greatest enemy — when he could remember her. And with that, we present a brief but thorough look at the history of Ann and the Bluths — all the “Who?”s, all the “Her?”s, all the “Egg”s, and all the insults.