The Internet’s Funniest Band T-Shirt Parodies


A hilarious T-shirt design has been making the rounds on the Internet over the last couple of days — it’s the iconic radio wave landscape from the cover of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures, emblazoned with the words, “What is this? I’ve seen it on Tumblr.” The shirt is the work of one Adam J. Kurtz, a New York City-based designer, and you can pre-order it here. As you wait for your purchase to arrive, here’s a selection of similarly amusing takes on iconic band logos, album cover art, and T-shirt designs.

Joy Division

Could someone please stencil this onto a wall so it can join Flavorwire’s collection of Joy Division-inspired street art?

Black Flag

True story: there is at least one real person in the world who is seriously contemplating getting a tattoo of this design.

The Wu-Tang Clan

In which an enterprising designer melds the Wu-Tang Clan logo with the iconic Hello Kitty face, and (hopefully) cashes in big-time.


For the determinedly quirky typography-lovin’ geek in your life.

Daft Punk

The helmeted French prog enthusiasts are actually Jules and Vincent from Pulp Fiction? OK, sure. But does releasing an album like Random Access Memories really constitute following the path of the righteous man?

Dead Kennedys

If only such a picnic table existed.

The Ramones

The famous T-shirt listing the Beatles’ members has been parodied in all sorts of ways over the years, but if you’re just gonna pick one, it’s hard to go past this Ramones version — especially since, as the Ramones all shared an (adopted) surname, it actually makes more sense than the original.

The Ramones, again

Why yes, this is a parody of the Ramones’ famous logo, featuring the names of four members of India’s national cricket team. Well spotted.


And finally, this isn’t a T-shirt, but still: a teapot made from the Crass logo? This is possibly the best thing you will see on the Internet all day.