20 Peripheral ‘Arrested Development’ Characters We’d Like to See in Season 4


Arrested Development fans are busy counting down the hours until Season 4 premieres this Sunday at midnight on Netflix, and here at Flavorwire, we’re no different. So, we’re passing the time by declaring this Arrested Development Week, all leading up to a Recap-a-thon on Sunday, when our own Jason Bailey will review the whole season, episode by episode. Click here to follow our coverage.

The richness of Arrested Development’s characters plays no small role in its continued cult popularity — we’re spending this week arguing over which Bluth is our favorite, after all. But as brilliant as its central ensemble is, the show’s artistic and comedic success is just as much the result of its deep bench. This is a show practically overflowing with uproarious peripheral characters, whether one-offs or long-running utility players, and a fourth season of AD wouldn’t be complete without at least some of them. We’ve seen the flash-happy Kitty (Judy Greer) in the trailer, and had at least some confirmation that we’ll see Henry Winkler’s Barry Zuckerkorn, Ben Stiller’s Tony Wonder, and Mae Whitman’s Ann (her?) again — so here’s a few more Bluth family hangers-on that will hopefully be back.

Larry Middleman

Played by: Bob Einstein Total previous episodes: 5 Notable for: a distinct inability to discern tone, instruction, and talking to oneself.

Gene Parmesan

Played by: Martin Mull Total previous episodes: 1 Notable for: the flourish with which he reveals himself from behind his not-altogther-convincing disguises, to Lucille’s delight.


Played by: Justine Bateman Total previous episodes: 1 Notable for: the vigor and enthusiasm with which she approached her work as a paid escort; the awkwardness for audiences when she tried to get into business with Michael, who was (maybe) her brother on the show and (definitely) in real life.

Moses Taylor

Played by: Rob Corddry Total previous episodes: 1 Notable for: his unforgettable work as Frank Wrench on TV’s Wrench; his unwavering pro-gun advocacy (“That’s the Second Amendment. Read it!”).

Wayne Jarvis

Played by: John Michael Higgins Total previous episodes: 5 Notable for: Man, that guy’s a pro.

Maggie Lizer

Played by: Julia Louis-Dreyfus Total previous episodes: 4 Notable for: her commitment to elaborate, embarrassing lies that make her more sympathetic to juries; the fact that she maybe did end up having Michael’s baby (according to the stinger of her final episode).

Mort Meyers

Played by: Jeff Garlin Total previous episodes: 8 Notable for: continuing to hit on Maeby — who, in all fairness, he thinks is of age — in spite of responses like, “Why don’t we ask your wife to come with us?”

Marta Estrella

Played by: Leonor Varela, Patricia Velasquez Total previous episodes: 8 Notable for: her devotion, both to G.O.B. (unfortunately) and Michael (poorly timed); being played by two actresses (and a third, uncredited one in a flashback on the “Forget Me Now” episode), which means this would be a very easy role to fill.

Officers Taylor and Carter

Played by: Jay Johnston and Jerry Minor Total previous episodes: 5 Notable for: Their no-nonsense devotion to their job (and each other); their handiness with a nightstick.

Carl Weathers

Played by: Himself Total previous episodes: 3 Notable for: his frugality, most often manifested in his skill at getting “a stew going.”

Warden Stefan Gentles

Played by: James Lipton Total previous episodes: 4 Notable for: his artistic side, seen in his kindness towards would-be actor Tobias (Lipton, of course, hosts Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio) and his tireless efforts to sell his screenplay The New Warden.


Played by: BW Gonzalez Total previous episodes: 11 Notable for: her loyalty, and her patience. Oh, such patience.

Bob Loblaw

Played by: Scott Baio Total previous episodes: 4 Notable for: his very popular online law forum, the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

Rep. John van Heusen

Played by: Rob Riggle Total previous episodes: 1 Notable for: his showboating conservative politics, so a Tea Party incarnation of Congressman van Heusen would be most welcome.

G.O.B.’s Unnamed Wife

Played by: Amy Poehler Total previous episodes: 5 Notable for: G.O.B.’s inability to remember her name; being played by Pohler, Will Arnett’s then-wife (though their subsequent split makes her return a little less likely).

Tom Saunders

Played by: Himself Total previous episodes: 4 Notable for: a sad-sack office personality that makes him Arrested Development’s Jerry Gergich.

Country Club Waiter

Played by: Jack McBrayer Total previous episodes: 2 Notable for: Nothing, really—it’d just be great if Jack McBrayer was involved in season four.

Franklin Delano Bluth

Played by: Will Arnett, terrible ventriloquist. Total previous episodes: 7 Notable for: being hated by pretty much anyone he comes in contact with; his album (okay, cassette) Franklin Comes Alive, featuring the ever-popular “It Ain’t Easy Bein’ White.”

Mrs. Featherbottom

Played by: David Cross, in drag Total previous episodes: 3 Notable for: his/her attentiveness to housework — Mrs. Featherbottom is the only one who can hand-wash Lindsay’s delicates.