Hilarious (And Often Adorable) Photos of Debauched Musicians With Cute Animals


A couple of weeks back, we amused ourselves (and hopefully you too) with a bunch of hilarious photos of debauched rock stars with cute kids. Ever since, we’ve been mulling over the natural follow-up — photos of debauched rock stars with cute animals. Click through for pictures of suitably party-loving musicians enjoying tender moments with dogs, cats, tortoises, three-toed sloths, and one terrified rabbit.

Elvis Presley

“Why yes, Elvis, of course everyone in Australia has a pet kangaroo. And what’s that, you want one too? Um…” [via]

Nick Cave

This must be somehow Bunny Munro-related, but even so: what the hell is going on here? Also, there are more pics from the same occasion here, which raises the question: when did he take his shirt off? And why?! So many questions. [via]

Joey Ramone

There are loads of pictures of Joey with cats doing the rounds — he was obviously quite the cat lover, bless him. This is definitely our favorite, though. [via]

Marianne Faithfull

All class. And Marianne looks pretty good, too. [via]

Justin Bieber

Does Bieber count as a debauched musician these days? Either way, this is hilarious, mainly because the poor cat getting kissed is clearly not a Belieber. [via]

Pete Doherty

This is actually a really beautiful picture, although for comedy purposes this one is probably better. [via]

Lou Reed

True story: Lou Reed likes dogs better than he likes people. [via]

Bret Michaels

Side effects of cocaine withdrawal may include lethargy and lack of energy… [via]

Kurt Cobain

Awwwwwww. [via]

Keith Moon

Yes, yes, this is all very cute, but we’re more worried about what appears to be a disembodied ear floating between Moon and his feline companion (which looks like it’s wondering about the same thing). [via]

Jonathan Richman

Is that Lil Bub? It totally is, isn’t it? [via]

Iggy Pop

Oui, c’est vraiment un petit chien blanc. Mais pourquoi? [via]

Richey Edwards

And his dog, Snoopy. Edwards discussed his dog during the interview he did with a Japanese magazine shortly before his disappearance, the interview that would prove to be the last the world ever heard from him: “I loved my dog so much, he’s just died, that’s why I shaved my head.” [via]

Black Veil Brides

They’re not really debauched, but they look the part, and you have to respect a band who will wear full KISS-style make-up for a visit to the animal sanctuary. [via]

Alice Cooper

Not a snake. [via]

Ozzy Osbourne

Not a bat. [via]

Courtney Love

Um. This looks awfully like it’s the product of someone with a pirated copy of Photoshop and a warped sense of humor, but apparently it’s real.

David Bowie

Circa Diamond Dogs. Obviously. [via]

Crystal Castles

This really should have been Grumpy Cat, but still. [via]

The Jesus Lizard

We have to say, the cat looks as pleased about the whole thing as the rest of the band. [via]

Janis Joplin

We’re not entirely sure, but we believe this is Joplin and her dog George. Whoever the dog is, he/she is adorable. [via]

Snoop Dogg

Insert own joke about doggs and cats getting along here. [via]

Rod Stewart

Oh dear god. [via]

Cee-Lo Green

Cee-Lo does his best Bond villain for the camera. [via]


You knew this was coming, didn’t you? [via]