The 10 Most Viral Weddings


Now that almost anyone can get married in this country, how can one possibly make a wedding stand out? By making sure it goes viral online, obviously. Today, the image of a wedding party running from a ferocious T-rex has made the rounds on the Internet, proving that the Lowder-Young union is currently the country’s coolest. How have other couples stood out from the usual boring weddings? Click though and see for yourself.

Photo credit: Quinn Miller Photo

Here’s an America’s Funniest Home Videos-ready clip of an entire wedding party falling off a dock while taking pictures. (Pro-tip: don’t have a 29-person wedding party.)

People can’t stop falling into water after weddings!

This dude proposed to his girlfriend just yesterday via Vine. She said yes, via Twitter.

This wedding party’s dancing entrance was such a viral hit that it was parodied on The Office.

Sure, everyone thinks theirs is the best wedding video ever. But, c’mon, this is clearly the Best Wedding Video Ever.

What’s more uncomfy than hearing a pair of virgins talk about planning what will happen on their wedding night? Watching them kiss for the first time.

This Indian wedding not only proved to be a good time — it also proved that UFOs are totally real.

The ocean turns out to be the best way to ruin both a wedding proposal and a suit.

I can’t believe anyone would tarnish the glory of “Endless Love” like this.